Security Statement

Because our clients demand the highest levels of data security Acquiro Systems, Inc. is dedicated to protecting all user data and participant data using industry best practices and standards.

Data Centre

Client data is stored in a secure data center located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. All Interceptum user and participant information is stored exclusively in our Canadian data center; it does not float around in the “cloud”..

In addition, all data is processed in that location, and is never moved to another jurisdiction. In other words, all data is collected Canada, all data is processed in Canada.

Only authorized employees of Acquiro Systems, Inc. can access the servers. Our security experts regularly patch our servers for any new vulnerability that get disclosed. Access to our servers is restricted to specific individuals, whose access is monitored and audited for compliance.

Access Controls

The Interceptum platform is protected by strong authentication and authorization to ensure only authorized users can access data and modify questionnaires.


Interceptum uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption (also known as HTTPS) with strong encryption and SSL certificates with 2048 bit keys for all data collected. Surveys can also be protected by passwords and by ip address ranges.

Since our clients control their users and their data, it is important for the users to practice sound security practices by using strong account passwords and restricting access to their accounts to authorized persons only.

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