Surveys for Legal Organisations and Law Firms

Benefits of Online Surveys

Did you know that online surveys offer many advantages over paper or phoned based surveys? Read more...

How can we help legal organisations?

There are many ways that legal organisations can use online surveys and questionnaires. Below are a few examples. As much as possible, an online survey should concentrate on one of these subjects and be targeted to the proper audience. Trying to cover too many subjects in a single survey will result in confusion, which leads to inaccurate results. Furthermore, it will lead to a long questionnaire which can significantly drop the participation rate.

  • Current Customer Needs - You can create an online survey to determine how your services can be improved to fulfill your existing clients' requirements and objectives. This type of survey can be used to get ideas on how to improve your services, but most importantly, on which improvements should be made first.

  • Potential Customer Needs - You can create an online survey to determine what potential clients for your services are looking for.

  • Customer Satisfaction - Determine how satisfied are your current clients and customers are. Click here for more information on clients and customers and satisfaction surveys.

  • Quote Questionnaire - Clients can use an online questionnaire accessible from your website to request a quote. By using skip logic, you can create an intelligent questionnaire that will enable you to collect all the relevant information you need to provide them with a quote. For example, if the matter is about a bankruptcy filing or a criminal matter, the questions will be adapted. When the questionnaire is submitted by the potential client, the answers can be emailed directly to your smart phone so that you may respond quickly. All information submitted by clients when submitting a quote questionnaire is sent over an encrypted HTTPs connection, so client confidentiality is preserved.

  • Bar Associations Members - You can create an online survey to determine what are the priorities of bar association members. What type of services do members want and need?

  • Event Feedback - If you organize an event, such as golf tournament, for your clients. You can use a short online survey to get feedback on the event. The results will help you improve your event the following year.

Case Study: Small Business and Nonprofit Clinic (MSU College of Law)

Small Business and Non Profit Clinic

We worked with the Small Business and Nonprofit Clinic of the Michigan State University College of Law to create a client satisfaction survey. The level of client satisfaction is important in assessing whether the students working for the clinic are performing adequately and responding to client needs. The results on client satisfaction were also a useful tool for the clinic when it applied for grants and funding. By showing a high level of client satisfaction, the clinic can show that it is serving the needs of the community in and around East Lansing.

What we did for the Small Business and Nonprofit Clinic

We started by drafting a questionnaire. The questionnaire was kept relatively short, about 15 questions. It included only a few open-ended questions at the end so that clients could provide their thoughts. The remainder of the questions pertained to performance indicators, such as overall satisfaction, did the student lawyers understand client issues, were they responsive, etc. The questionnaire also included demographic questions, such as the type of client (business or non-profit) and the type of legal services obtained.

Once the clinic's director approved the questionnaire, we sent out invitations by email to clients. The clients were given approximately two weeks in which to respond.

We then analysed the results and created reports. Because of the demographic information asked at the beginning of the questionnaire, we could provide the results split by type of client (business or non-profit) and the type of legal services obtained.


"We used Interceptum’s managed solution to create and deploy our online customer satisfaction survey. Their staff provided us with helpful tips on how to create an effective survey. They built and deployed our survey rapidly using their online platform. Once deployed, we got our results quickly. The Interceptum team has fulfilled all our needs and we will definitely use their services for future surveys."

Nicole Dandridge, Director

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