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Benefits of Online Surveys

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How can we help software and technology companies?

There are many ways that software and technology companies can use online surveys and questionnaires. Here are a few examples. As much as possible, an online survey should concentrate on one of these subjects and be targeted to the proper audience. Trying to cover too many subjects in a single survey will result in confusion, which leads to inaccurate results. Furthermore, it will lead to a long questionnaire which can significantly drop the participation rate.

  • Current Customer Needs - You can create an online survey to determine how your products and services can be improved to fulfill your existing clients' requirements and objectives. This type of survey can be used to get ideas on how to improve your product or services, but most importantly, on which improvements should be made first.
  • Potential Customer Needs - You can create an online survey to determine what potential clients for your products and services are looking for. You can find out if there are must have features or options that you are not currently offering.
  • Potential Customer Loss - If you have a high number of interested clients, but none eventually close a deal, you may want to survey them in order to determine why they did not select your product or service. By asking what solution the lost client finally adopted, you can get some information on what you were missing. Since the client used the product or service of a competitor, you should keep this type of survey very short in order to increase the participation rate.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Determine how satisfied are your current clients and customers are. Click here for more information on clients and customers and satisfaction surveys.
  • Concept Testing - Before making changes to your products or services, you can use this type of survey to get information on what clients think about the proposed modifications.
  • Product/Service Usability - This type of survey can be conducted to get information on the difficulties that clients face when trying to use your product or service.
  • Website Usability - It is important that clients have no trouble finding what they are seeking for when visiting your website. If the site's navigational structure is inadequate, many visitors will simply leave your website.
  • Quote Questionnaire - Clients can use an online questionnaire accessible from your website to request a quote. By using skip logic, you can create an intelligent questionnaire that will enable you to collect all the relevant information you need to provide your potential clients with a quote.

Case Study: TGMT Systems, Inc. - Project Drive

online project management software

We have been working with TGMT Systems on improving their understanding of client needs in the Project Management Sofware field in order to determine what features need to be added to their online project management software called Project Drive.

What we did for Project Drive

The first thing we did was draft a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire had three essential tracks, one for project-managers who create project plans, one for supervisors and executives who track progress, and a final one for regular users who track their time and view their assigned tasks. Each track had a different focus, for example, supervisors and executives generally find features that have to do with reporting progress more important. In order to ask the proper set of questions depending on what was the participant's role, we used skip logic.

Next we customized the look and feel of the survey to match the Project Drive branding. This included setting the color scheme of the survey windows to match the Project Drive colors and included placing the Project Drive logo at the top of the windows. Customization is made easy with Intercept Enterprise Version, our complete Enterprise Feedback Management platform.

We then setup and Intercept to automatically invite certain web site visitors to complete the survey. The intercept was integrated into Project Drive's website by including a small piece of HTML code in certain pages of the site.

We then automated the sending of invitations to participants who signed up for a trial accuont once 15 days of their trial period was over. This was done by modifying the Project Drive's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system so that it would instruct the Interceptum platform to send out an invitation message. Integration is very easy, the CRM only needs to load a web address on the Interceptum server and specify the participants information, such as name and email.


"Interceptum has managed our intercept client suggestion survey that our website visitors completed directly from our website. Because visitors completed the survey directly from our website, we quickly got valuable information on the features that our users need in a Project Management application. The reports on the survey results produced by their team were complete and looked professional. Thank you!"

Thierry Tremblay, President

TGMT Systems, Inc. | Project Drive

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